Moms and Dads deserve time with the baby before returning to work.


Family Leave Works is leading the campaign to establish a paid family leave.

The United States is the world’s only developed country without a paid maternity leave program. Consequently, 86 percent of women in the United States receive no paid maternity leave. The percentage is even higher among men. 

This is unacceptable. The lack of paid leave strains families and causes many women to leave the workforce. It also has serious negative economic impacts. Research shows that while 61 percent of women with children under three work, 43 percent will leave the workforce or “off ramp” for significant periods of time. This not only creates financial uncertainty for women and families, but stunts economic growth as the workforce loses productivity. Illustratively, the Department of Labor has stated that the loss of women of child rearing age in the workforce results in an estimated reduction in GDP of 3.5 percent. 

With your support, we can launch innovative solutions to help new mothers and fathers care for their newest additions to the world.

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