After years on Capitol Hill, Bono and his nonprofit, The ONE Campaign, recruited Adrienne to build partnerships and lead creative advocacy campaigns to mobilize American support for international assistance. For six years, she helped inspire millions of Americans to fight extreme poverty and preventable disease. Her efforts helped pass monumental legislation despite a polarized US Congress, including the Energize Africa Act, a public-private initiative to bring electricity to over 10 million people in sub-Saharan Africa. After years in the government and non-profit sector, Adrienne left to join a social enterprise, an industry leveraging private sector solutions and best-practices to address some of today’s biggest social issues. It was there that she wanted to work on a beta initiative to help women come together into large buying groups to purchase low-cost disability insurance to protect them from unpaid maternity leave. All too quickly, she was wooed back into the government by her former boss and then-Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, to serve as the Director of Protocol. Despite a deep passion for the job, Adrienne found herself unexpectedly pregnant and without a single day of paid maternity leave. Frustrated and eager to put her free time into an organization working on innovative solutions to address the issue, she founded Family Leave Works.